Gadgetbucket Powerstretch AB Wheel Roller

Rs2,699.00 Rs1,999.00

SKU: SH_AL_651

Buy Gadgetbucket Powerstretch AB Wheel Roller in Pakistan at Just Rs. 1999/- instead of Rs. 2699/-exclusively at Brand: Other Net Weight: 1.00 Condition: New Powerstretch Ab Roller Wheel The roller slide provides one of the very best exercise for the midsection Powerstretch roller for ABS. Maximum User Weight: 100kg / 220lbs Assembled dimension:24*16*16CM Exercise step: Hold one hand on each handle Pull in your stomach muscles and arch your back. Inhale before beginning and slowly roll out the machine, meanwhile allowing your torso to open up Don’t just push your arms out. Take your torso from a curled position to an extended, uncurled position.


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