Car Seat Massager Backrest Cushion

Car Seat Massager Backrest Cushion

Rs5,799.00 Rs4,449.00


Buy Car Seat Massager Backrest Cushion in Pakistan at Just Rs. 4449/- instead of Rs. 5799/-exclusively at

Full color box packaging, 5 massage points, can be fever, dual car home. Car: Configure auto cigarette lighter plug, you can use a car seat; it quickly when you are tired of your travel fatigue. Home: with a 220V home power adapter, plug the power is in the home security can be converted to 12V power, so ensure the safety of multi-function massage cushion, so you can rest assured that use. Package Size: 50 * 46 * 11CM Packaging total weight: 1.9 kg Rated voltage: 220V


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