Baby Food Nipple Feeder

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SKU: SH_AL_493

Buy Baby Food Nipple Feeder in Pakistan at Just Rs. 350/- instead of Rs. 650/-exclusively at Delivery Type: Shipping Charges Rs. 120/- will be applicable Brand: Other Condition: New Easy to use: get the fruit or vegetable into chips with scissors. Screw out the handle to put the chips into the strainer before replacing the handle. The baby will hold the handle to suck the silicone strainer net to enjoy thefood. The residue shall be removed after sucking. Lead your baby to feed by itself. Let your baby to take a full variety of nourishment in addition to the breast milk. Let your baby be adaptive to various tastes at early age and avoid the bad habits of being choosy in food. Train your baby’s chewing muscle, relax its uncomfortable feeling due to teething and enhance the growth of its brain. Silicone strainer net with mesh of appropriate size ensures easy and safe use. Suitable for baby over 6 months to use, it is also a great when your baby is teething.


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