Arm Blaster Body Building Bomber Bicep Curl

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SKU: SH_AL_650

Buy Arm Blaster Body Building Bomber Bicep Curl in Pakistan at Just Rs. 1250/- instead of Rs. 1799/-exclusively at Condition: New The arm blaster/bicep bomber has been used for decades – its function is improving both posture and form during bicep related exercises such as dumbbell curls and ez-bar curls. During lifting, the elbows can become displaced (move backward) in conjunction with swaying (using momentum to complete the movement). This increases the risk of injury to the lower back via hyper extension. Additionally, the use of swaying and momentum does not effectively target the bicep. The arm blaster ensures that all the work is being completed by the bicep muscle, while removing the negative traits performed in curling movements (swaying and displaced elbows). Features: Anatomically contoured reinforced aluminium to fit snugly across the mid section. Lightweight construction ensures injury prevention. Adjustable tough straps for all heights and body sizes Padded elbow and neck region for comfort! Built “Fe” tough! 100% money back guarantee! One size fits all The arm blaster is a worthy addition to your workout arsenal! Purchase with piece of mind – here at body-x 2016 – we bring you only the best quality at the best prices!


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