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Buy Slippers for Women in Pakistan

At the end of a hectic and extremely tiring day, there can’t be a better idea than to slide weary feet into soft, cozy and comfortable slippers. The slippers have long been popular as a relaxing footwear and even people with homes that are carpeted wall-to-wall buy special carpet slippers for roaming around in the home. The slippers not only provide relaxation to your feet at home but also offer great protection to your feet from calluses and cold. The slippers for girls and guys can be bought online via Shopza’s online marketplace in Pakistan. With Shopza, you get access to hundreds of shoe sellers from all over the country offering products manufactured by all popular brands at highly competitive pricing.

Types of Women’s Slippers Available at Shopza

Shopza’s online shopping community is a home to the largest variety of slippers for women in Pakistan. You can choose your favorite slippers according to the style, color, occasion and your budget in a few mouse clicks. Buying shoes was never this easy! Since the women’s indoor and outdoor slippers are not just limited to bedrooms with tough soles and uppers, they are available in many different styles including those with tough soles and uppers.

Booties: As the name suggests, these slippers are made in the shape of boots especially for children. The booties are also worn by adults in water sports. These shoes are typically slip-ons and feature either a side zipper or laces. The booties come with soles made out of different materials, typically the soles are made with sufficient floor grip for slip-free walking.

Flip Flops: The flip-flop slippers which are also known as the thongs are backless shoes that come with shoe sole and v-shaped strap. Since the sole of these sandals slap against the toes of feet and create a sound, they are known as flip-flops. Many people prefer buying flip-flop sandals while others go for open-toe slippers.

Loafers and Slip-Ons: The loafers and slip-ons are the most popular and traditional kind of women’s shoes. These shoes have been very popular since ages and yet today they are preferred by majority of women because of the comfort and ease of wearing they offer. The loafers are seen often in ads and old pictures where a man is sitting wearing them while having newspaper in hand and a smoking pipe in mouth. The modern loafers are made in designs and styles that make them elegant and give them a formal look. The Nike slippers for women are one good example.

Novelty Slippers

For some people the novelty slippers are a great choice whereas for others it may be just a nuisance. The novelty slippers usually get laughs from family members as they are not formal shoes and are made just for fun at home. The novelty slippers have also become one of the women’s fashion accessories as a part of casual footwear and Shopza has full range of novelty slippers at affordable prices.