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These are not Dora’s Boots

The first thing that comes to mind with the word boots is (Dora the explorer’s violet little monkey) those hard rubberized safety boots for girls with helmets, right? And they are mainly uses to protect the feet from either a rocky surface, or a flooded place. But for the ladies, it’s a bit of the opposite – soft, feathered boots for women, even foldable – in overall, fancy. That’s the other side of these items that you will see on the market today. Very far from the traditional hard rocking boots for men and more on a softer, fashion sensed footwear.

Nowadays, there are different variations of ladies boots that they use for their everyday fashion and are also a part of their galore of women’s footwear on their shoe racks. The primary reason why these items are now on demand is the release of the newest women’s boots models and types of boots that match the trending outfits of women. So shoppers tend to buy at least a pair of this fancy footwear. But instead of being Dora the explorer of boots all over malls and shoe marts, why not search for it online? Shopza has got the best deals of timberland boots for women in Pakistan that everybody will certainly love!

A Boost for the Boots

Shopza has the loveliest variety of girls’ boots! These items have their own unique way of standing out because of its own respective features and designs, and complimenting the rest of your outfit is not even a problem! Grab one of our long boots for women to try and reach the full extent of your so-called “outfit-of-the-day”. They come in high heels, flats, low and high cuts, open toes and even boots of knee-high cuts all are available in just a click away, and you can have them at affordable prices.

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4 Boots Every Woman Needs to Have in Her Closet

Apart from the huge variety of boots available for women, there are some that are considered fashion essentials by fashionistas around the world. These boots include:

Ankle Boots: As the name suggests, these boots cover the ankles and are considered as all-rounders as they work with everything from skinny women’s jeans to trousers.

Cowgirl Boots: They are considered as an ultimate fashion statement in the modern day. The cowgirl boots are worn with skinny jeans as well as tights. The variety includes leather boots for women as well as those made of other synthetic materials.

Knee High Boots: They are high in trend across the globe. Knee high boots are worn with skinny jeans that is tucked within them by fashionistas.

Boots with Heels: All those women who adore heels like to wear boots with heels. They need to be worn with great care to avoid any harm to the feet.