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Buy Rugs Online in Pakistan at Shopza’s Online Marketplace

Shopza’s online marketplace is your one stop destination for all kinds of online shopping. Whether you are seeking home decor items or you are looking for electronics for your personal use, Shopza is an online destination where all your home and living needs are fulfilled. Rugs are among our specialties. We have onboard the largest network of handmade or machine made rugs in Pakistan in all shapes and sizes that suit your needs. Before you buy one for your home or office, make sure that you know your needs.

Types of Rugs for Sale in Pakistan Available at Shopza

Whether you are seeking rectangular, square or round rugs, please read below for the types of rugs you can buy at Shopza’s online marketplace.

Wool Rugs

The rugs made out of wool have long been the choice of people all over the world, the reason being their ability to stand up well to traffic. The wool rugs provide great comfort and softness underfoot. Moreover, these rugs are thicker than all other types, which makes them the most preferred choice at homes. You can also find flatweave wool rugs at Shopza’s online marketplace. The wool rugs need to be cleaned professionally and carefully to make them last long.

Cotton Rugs

These floor rug are more casual as well as least expensive. They come as braided or flatweaved suiting different requirements. Since cotton is the material which is easy to dye, these rugs are available in a wide range of colors to suit different aesthetics. You can buy cotton rugs & other accessories such as clocks online at Shopza in all colors to suit your home or office interior. Majority of the cotton rugs are machine-washable, which makes them easier to maintain.

Jute, Seagrass, and Sisal Rugs

The rugs made out of these materials are usually considered as the most durable floor coverings. These rugs are softer than many other types of rugs which makes them a good choice for homes. The rugs made out of sisal, jute and seagrass are considered the best choice for people suffering from wool allergies.

Hand-Knotted Rugs

As the name suggests, these are handmade rugs that consume a great deal of time in manufacturing and are therefore the most expensive. The hand-knotted rugs are made by knotting individual yarns around the pairs of warp yarns that run the length of the rug. The hand-made rugs come in two different types that include Persian rug and Turkish rugs. The difference between the two types of handmade rugs is that one is asymmetric while the other one is symmetric.

Flatweave Rugs

These come without knots or piles. If you want to have an example of the flatweave rugs, you can have a look at the Kilims and Dhurries. These are made on loom and are threaded through the warps. The flatweave rugs are considered best choice for homes as well as offices and are preferred by people from all settings.

No matter the kind of rugs you are looking for, Shopza’s online shopping community is your premier destination for all kinds of rugs manufactured by all kinds of materials in all shapes, colors and sizes to match your needs.