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Benefits of using Insect Repellents

To prevent insect borne diseases and to stay healthy, an insect repellent is a necessary tool or pest control you must buy. The summers are around the corner are so are the insects which will irritate us throughout the season. You can’t even enjoy a summer breeze or an outdoor picnic during the evening because of mosquitoes, flies, etc. The only solution is to use insect repellents. These are made of synthetic or natural chemicals so that any insect that comes into contact with it is instantly killed. A repellent is safe to use at homes, office or anyplace else, thus keeping your surroundings clean.

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An insect killer, either in a lotion or spray form is very effective in preventing the insects. The ingredients in these repellents are clinically proven to assure that they are not harmful for humans, especially children. There’s a wide variety of repellents available at which are long-lasting and are effective in performance. You can buy them at affordable rates so that these are accessible to a wide range of customers. They came in varying shape, sizes, and capacity. Though a natural insect repellent is less effective than the synthetic, it is much safer to use. Most of these repellents are odorless while some give off a strong, unwanted smell to attract the insects.

Types of Insect Repellents

There are different repellents to kill different types of insects. Having variable chemical ingredients, they have unique features and act differently. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Mosquito repellents

These are the commonly used repellents at homes, schools, offices, etc. An effective mosquito repellent can provide protection against mosquito bites for a couple of hours. Some of these include DEET, Picaridin, Permethrin, Citronella, etc. DEET, when applied, provides protection for a longer time. Permethrin is an active repellent that can be applied on items including clothing, bed nets, shoes, etc. Citronella is a natural mosquito repellent which uses citronella oil, a plant-based ingredient. It uses plant oil, lemongrass and many other natural ingredients to avoid any skin irritation or allergy. There are some electric gadgets that can also be used to kill mosquitoes. These are available in various shapes including plant pots, electric lamps, rackets, etc. to attract the mosquitoes and then kill them through electrocution.

Bugs repellent

Insects including bugs, cockroaches, ants, flea, etc. need to be controlled to maintain proper health and hygiene. Commonly used repellents include disposable fly traps, aerosol, indoor foggers, spray bottles, etc. A spray bottle is safe to use as you can simply spray the chemical indoors as well as outdoor in your backyard or garden.

Rat repellents

Rodents are a common guest in many houses in the summers. There are a variety of ways to prevent and kill rats. Ultrasonic rat repellent uses high frequency sound that will irritate and finally kill the rats. Botanical repellents include sprays, peppermint oil, etc. that are safe to use and will show effective results.