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Buy Projectors Online in Pakistan at Shopza

One of the must have items in office or home is a projector. A projector projects an image or object onto a second, larger screen. It is mostly used in offices for presentations and in households to watch a movie. Nevertheless, the need for a good projector is always there. There is a wide variation in the projector prices of different brands and understandably so. Some brands offer premium features and are quality products while other brands may offer great value for money but may not be suitable for the premium markets. It all depends on your personal needs which LCD projector you opt for. You can now buy a range of quality video projector from all leading brands online in Pakistan at the best prices right here at Shopza.

How to buy projectors

Just like all other devices, there has been a significant improvement in projectors. HD projectors offer a high definition view which makes for an appealing viewing experience. There are also 3D projectors which use the 3D technology to project 3D images and movies to audiences. If you are on the constant move, or need a projector with you wherever you go, then compact portable projectors are a great buy as well. There are several other LED projectors and mini projectors you can opt for. To help you pick out a great projector, the following comprehensive guide will come in really handy.

What to look for when buying projectors

Color and brightness: Color and brightness are important considerations because they play a major role in how the overall image quality comes out to be. You can easily check the color and brightness of projectors by looking at lumen ratings. Higher the lumen rating, brighter the projector will be. But obviously the price will also be high accordingly. Which lumen would be right for you depends on your needs and where you plan to use the projector at. For home use, 1500 lumen rating is more than sufficient. But for larger halls, like offices and classrooms, opt for a projector with at least a lumen rating of 2500.

Contrast ratio: Contrast ratio also plays a major role in the overall display quality. It is the ratio between the light and dark of screen. So a higher contrast ratio will result in an outstanding display quality.

Resolution: Resolution is the number of pixels in an image on screen. Higher the screen resolution, better the screen quality. It is always advisable to opt for an HD projector no matter what the budget is because it has a high resolution and will offer amazing results.

Ease of use: It is always advisable to invest in a projector that is easy to use. It should be compatible with supporting accessories like HDMI cables.

Connections: A projector needs to be connected with the computer or laptop. There are different ways of connecting them. It can be through USB cable, HDMI cable, display port etc. Always invest in a projector which comes with multiple options of connection.

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