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Buy Notebooks Online in Pakistan at Shopza

When we read about notebooks, one basic question usually arises in our minds. What is a notebook and how is it different from a laptop? There is not much difference in notebooks and laptops. Notebooks or Netbooks are slightly lightweight and can be carried around easily from one place to another. This means that notebooks are portable. As far as buying considerations go, there is not much difference in considerations when buying laptop or notebook pc. There are numerous brands in the market manufacturing notebooks. Some of the biggest names include Dell, HP and Apple. You can now buy notebooks from all leading brands online in Pakistan at amazing prices right here at Shopza.

How to buy notebook laptop

Buying a notebook is an important investment. This is because the device lasts for a long time and performs exceptionally well for many years. But given the abundance of choices in notebooks, it can never be easy to pick a device from so many options. This process of finding the best notebook will become easier once you consider the following things:

What to look for when buying notebooks

Usage – Heavy or light: What type of user you are is an important consideration. Light users may not need huge specs in the notebook. On the other hand, heavy users have no option but to invest in a notebook with upgraded specs so that their usage needs are fulfilled. Light use include browsing the web, writing notes, sharing photos etc. Heave use include multitasking and using apps like video editing and movie making.

Weight of the notebooks: Another key consideration is the weight of the notebook. Gaming and professional laptops are usually heavy in weight (around 3kgs). On the other hand, travelers and students have laptops which are lightweight (around 1.5 kgs).

Notebooks are meant to be lightweight. The lightweight is one of the essential features of portable items.

Design: The design and the overall appearance of the notebook laptop is important. You don’t want to be seen with a hideous machine. Sleek, metallic designs are much in demand because of their attractiveness. The notebook body should also be durable enough. Durability is a key factor in portable products.

Operating systems: Different manufacturers use different operating systems in their notebooks. Mac computers use OS X. OS X has an elegant and sleek interface and is usually free from any bloatware. The Windows OS is the most widely used OS in the world. The new Windows 10 offers a sleek and smooth performance. Chrome OS is another OS which is used in Chromebooks.

Specs: RAM, processor, storage capacity, battery life and screen size are all key considerations. The specs you choose depend on your usage level. Gaming laptops have much better and advanced specs than regular laptops.

Notebook price: Different brands have priced their notebooks differently. For instance, Apple notebooks are targeted to the premium markets and priced accordingly. On the other hand, you will also be able to find notebooks that give great value for money.

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