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Buy Mops in Pakistan at Shopza

From busy household to crowded school hallways, mops and brooms are the most widely used cleaning supply. They are the most effective and simple way to ensure sparkling clean floors without spending a fortune on expensive equipment. Mops are pivotal for our everyday lives and are important for keeping the hard floors clean for day to day activities. But with new varieties coming in everyday, how do you know which floor mop type is best for your cleaning requirements? There are a lot of different kinds available on the Shopza website and to help you decide, their features are listed below;

Types of Mops

Looped End mops: These mops have a loop of string at their cleaning ends which enables greater surface area to be covered in a shorter time period. They are best used as dust mops as dusters and are priced relatively low with greater durability. They can also be washed in a dryer to maintain cleanliness.

Microfiber mops: This type of sponge mops are made from a mixture of polyamide and polyester which traps the dirt in the strings and doesn’t let go till it is washed. These are the most hygienic type of cleaning mops there are. They can be washed up to 500 times and not degrade and absorb up to 7 times of water weight.

Steam mops: This is a relatively new type introduced in the past few years. These mops clean with steam. This is very effective as it has variable steam controls for different levels of dirt. They are light weight with a detachable water tank. And are suitable for different surfaces like floors, carpets, windows, ovens and sanitary ware.

Mop and Bucket: For convenience, these are regular mops paired with a matching bucket to keep the soap water for soaking the loose strings. These are just like your everyday mops only you don’t have to find the bucket every day. It will be right next to the mop!

Spray mop: The basic structure includes an aluminum thickened tube that stores the spray for the floor. It is reusable and can be filled with a cartridge one the original runs out. It is light and durable and all parts can be assembled for transportation conveniently. The spray comes out after a pinch at the tube. This is suitable for all types of surfaces and the sleek design makes it easier to use in nooks and crannies.

Importance of Mops

Cleaning is important business and choosing a mop is just as important a part of cleaning as the task itself. A good mop will ensure your family’s health by keeping the area clean and tidy. The ease of use depends upon the type that you decide to buy and how much are you willing to spend on the supplies. Most cleaning supplies aren’t that expensive because they come under basic utilities. The greater the features, the higher the price. But the prices are justified if you find what you’re looking for. Browse through the wide range of cleaning supplies on Shopza, avail amazing discounts and order away!