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Cell phone battery is the most essential component of mobile phones and tablets. Without batteries cell phones won’t cease to exist. We require cell phone batteries as much as we need cell phones. Cellphones and their batteries go in hand and hand and one cannot live without the other.

The ever increasing use of cell phones has also expedited the utility of cell phone batteries. Cellphone battery served a crucial purpose for ensuring the life of cell phones. The continuous use of cell phones for communication, social media networking, entertainment, internet surfing etc. makes it imperative to use a battery that is dependable and can be trusted. Since the advent of smartphones has broaden the horizon of phone applicability, the use of mobile battery has also accelerated exponentially. Smart phones require power efficient batteries that could go for hours without charging and do not wear out soon after their purchase. Renowned phone manufacturing brands like Samsung, HTC, Motorolla have their own smartphone battery. HTC battery and Samsung battery are quite the power savers and last for days.

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If mobile phone battery is not being fully charged, not being charged at all or not being able to retain charge, then it’s a clear indication that it needs to be replaced immediately. If you want to replace your existing cell phone battery with a more durable one that does not blow up with unpredictable power fluctuations, then there is no other online market place better than Shopza. Browse under the category of Mobile phones and tablets accessories on our website and get a complete list of cell phone batteries at the most competitive prices.

High quality cell phone batteries at Shopza

Shopza offers the best quality mobile phone batteries at the most economical prices from the bestselling brands. Samsung Galaxy Battery and Motorola battery are also available for the people who want to replace their old battery with a new one delivered to their homes within a few days of placing the order.

Types of cell phone batteries

There are four main types of cell phone batteries available in the market namely:

  1. Nickle Cadmium Battery
  2. Nickle Metal Hydride Battery
  3. Lithium Polymer Battery
  4. Lithium Ion

These four categories of cell phone batteries differentiate with each other on the basis of how quickly they can charge the phone and for how long they are able to retain the charge. While choosing a battery the brand and model of the phone are the key determinants that play a major the role in accessing the performance of the battery. It is vital to assess complete specifications of the phone to analyse its compatibility with other charges. Shopza gives complete details of the specifications of mobile phones and other accessories including the battery so that the customers can make smart choices while buying smart phone and the accessories, Enjoy the most exhilarating online shopping experience with Shopza and have the mobile batteries of your choice delivered to your place free of charge.