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Men’s Belt Basics: Choosing your Belt

Wearing the right belt is one of men’s tests for fashion. The simple task of having a good look while keeping the right loop, once done right, confirms you as a man who is knowledgeable of his clothes. Fortunately for you, the basics of wearing belts at a manly way isn’t hard to learn, since we are talking about men’s fashion, most of the things to learn are common sense. The rest is personal taste and belts, as lengthy as they are, have plenty of room to express it. Here are two of the main factors to consider in choosing your own belt.

Selecting the Gent’s Belt

Belt length is crucial in having to wear it good. Dress belts must have a few inches of leather on the left of the buckle once it’s fastened. It’s really ok to have a shorter belt if you need to, rather than wrapping a long tail of leather around your hip a second time. Of course, the easiest way to check the size of your belt is to try the belt on in the store, at least wrapping it around your pants. Remember: having a long tail end is always an awkward look.

For men’s belt colors, matches are the only rule to obey, consider and not to abide. Brown men’s shoes goes with brown belt, same way for black as black, but if you are to wear a shoe that is not made of leather, you have more freedom to work with. It is still in your decision if you want to imply the rule or not.

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When purchasing for your stylish belts in Pakistan, just always be reminded on how much attention do you want being drawn to your midsection. That is where all eyes will be going if the most distinctive part of your outfit is your belt. And if you really want it to be distinctive, Shopza Pakistan is very pleased to offer you a helping hand by offering you our list of leather belts for men. So don’t be shy browsing, they are all good for you to purchase!