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A flash drive also known the memory card is a storage device for all sorts of digital files such as word documents, pictures, movies and all other sorts of audio and video files. There are many types of storage devices available in the market today such as external hard drives, sd card, usb flash drives and so on. The memory card can easily be attached to electronic devices such as laptops and computers. The smaller SD cards can also in inserted into cellphones and tablets. While most electronics come with a built in socket to insert the card into, if your flash card is bigger or smaller than the slot you can easily attach an add on through USB. The built in slots are part of an integrated whole system where all you have to do is simply insert the card into the machine and all the files are transferred onto the computer/ television.

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Shopza has a wide variety of memory cards in Pakistan of varying capacities. With an influx of digital cameras and smart phones people are constantly taking pictures of where they go what they wear and so on. Most cameras and phones take pictures in high resolution. High resolution pictures take up larger space hence the built in memory of cameras and phones are not enough. Previously the pictures used to be imprinted on external film reels but nowadays we can find a up to 32gb memory card for high resolution DSLR cameras and for normal digital camera you don’t need anything larger than a 16gb sd memory card. However there is a higher price tag on the memory card price with greater space.

Online shopping in Pakistan for memory cards for phones

While there other options to store your data files such as external hard drives, usb flash drives, a sd card is still the most popular choice when it comes to having a secure and safe place for data storage. Unlike other storage devices this does not need electric charging. That mean you save on the hassle and it is ready to use instantly. The SD card is built for rough use as it does not get damaged that easily. Where an external hard drive may be corrupted from the slightest drop the memory card is a small chip which is extremely safe. The smaller size of the memory card also makes this a favorable choice. It is easy to carry around even in the tiniest of wallet whereas hard drives are not only heavy on their own but their cover is cherry on top. As smart phone compete on the thinnest and tablets on the smallest size it is but natural that only a tiny memory device can be inserted in them. Hence the sandisk micro sd and other micro sd cards. You can now buy online memory cards from all of the top electronics brands that are safe and easy to use.