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Smartphones are in widespread use today. Almost every person owns a smartphone. Unlike smartphones featured phones have limited number of applications and functions. But these are still in use by the customers. They lack in advanced technology and are available mostly for low income people or for those who have less use of a mobile phone. All the major cellphone brands in the world manufacture featured phones. These are available in a huge variety at Shopza where they are offered in different sizes and designs. They are also available at affordable rates at Shopza so that these are easily to a large customer base.

Best QWERTY Featured Phones

A featured phone does not have a touchscreen option. It has keypads which you need to press for typing a message or making a call. These phones also have limited memory and storage capacity and operate on older operating softwares. Here are some of the best QWERTY phones for the users.

Blackberry Priv: Among the featured phones, this is the most sought after QWERTY keypad phones. It may look like a touchscreen phone but it has a sliding keypad that is usually under the display. The phone has 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. It has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440-pixels and a 2MP front camera. These phones do not have a rear camera for taking selfies.

Blackberry Classic: This is another of the best keypad phone with 3.5inches screen and a traditional keypad. The phone has a classic design with curved edges. The phone has 8MP camera on the back and runs on Blackberry OS. Its keypad is smooth to touch and very responsive.

LG Expression 2: This phone has a stylish slide-out keypad which makes it look quite fashionable. The structure and design of this phone is similar to LG Extravert 2. It also contains a Bluetooth and 2MP camera. It also ensures internet connectivity along with high resolution.

Samsung Freedom M: This Samsung cell phone with keypad has a 2.4inches screen. The phone has a full keypad below the screen. It has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels with a 2MP camera. It also has 32GB storage along with microSD chip. The phone operates on GSM technology and has bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Get featured phones with GSM technology

GSM technology is mostly used in phones using 2G network. A GSM phone uses GPRS or EDGE for internet connectivity. These phones also have different ranges of carrier frequency. This technology ensures that your phone’s security is maintained so it uses numerous cryptographic algorithms.

Motorola Razr2 V9: This is a GSM mobile with QWERTY keypad. The phone has 2MP camera, bluetooth and various other features.

Nokia 515: This phone has 240 by 320 pixels resolution. It is of exceptional quality with 5MP camera.

ZTE Z432: This phone has 2.4” screen and a full keyboard. It contains 2MP camera, GSM technology, and 32GB storage.

Nokia Asha 210: This phone has a D pad with full keyboard. It has 2MP camera, GSM variants, and 176 x 144 pixels resolution.

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