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Even though we live in the age of media and entertainment gadgets, we have also become so busy in the modern life style that one hardly gets time for him/herself; still there is something so magical about reading that it never gets old. Books have been and still are an addictive habbit of children, youngsters and adults alike. One never gets too old for them. You get to learn so much from them, no matter what type of genre you fall into. There is no better way to gain knowledge from history or prepare you for the future than books. Shopza Pakistan endorses this habit by keeping some of the bestselling books by authors from around the world of both fiction and non-fiction. Tablets and web surfing has pretty much replaced the newspaper and magazine readership. People do not have the time for morning new paper when they can simply go through it on their smartphones but some of us still like the old school magazines. Sports fan love the detail and authenticity of a weekly sports magazine. Similarly the buzzing vogue and Elle fashion spreads are proof of people being loyal to reading magazines. They are much more descriptive, pictures are better and stories are authentic rather than anyone simply copying it from the internet.

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From the time of black and white cinema, movies have a charm and captivating power like no other. A good movie can really bring out our emotions be it hatred, sadness, love or happiness. We idolize the actors and actresses, who have this aura around them. Opt for a thriller that will send shivers down your bones for the next get together. A chick flick with your girlfriends is also a nice way to just relax. If you are in mood for some serious deep though provoking movies then opt for genres like political, action, history or even crime fiction. A sci-fi, Satire or urban movie will keep you engaged for hours. Lastly the hot favorite is romantic movies such as gone with the wind or titanic.

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Music has a healing power for the soul like no other. It probably has the most therapeutic qualities out of all the art & entertainment forms out there. You can simply switch off the world when you plug in your headphones and close your eyes. The success of the ipod invention is proof that people like to listen to music all the time. Different people might enjoy different genres but the end purpose of it is also who lift or change the mood. Some adults are avid jazz fans, while the young like to dance to trance and electronic music. Old songs make you nostalgic while new remixes lift you mood. Pop music rules the radio waves while alternative rock music is a hot favorite in concerts. Buy music CDs or tickets of concerts for the upcoming weekend to unwind the Shopza way.