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Buy Android Phones Online in Pakistan

Android phones have become a need in today’s fast paced lifestyle. Android cell phones enhance your productivity and allow you to get the maximum out of everything. Android is the software of Google and is used by majority of the mobile phone manufacturers. Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Huawei and many other leading companies all use Android in their cell phones. It is also the most open platform and allows you to install third party apps with ease. You can also customize the smartphone according to your needs, thanks to the open nature of the phone. You can now buy a range of top android phones from all leading manufacturers at the best prices online in Pakistan at Shopza.

How to buy the best android phones

Android phones come in a wide variety. Each phone has something unique to offer. Given the numerous options to choose from, it is understandable if you may get confused as to which one to choose. The following comprehensive guide will help you in this regards.

What to look for when buying new android phones

The following things must be considered when purchasing an android phone or windows phone:

Needs & Requirements: The first essential thing to consider is your needs and requirements. You must know what you require out of your phone. You must know if you want a state of the art premium phone that performs multiple tasks or a simple phone which performs all basic functions well. It all comes down to your personal needs and preferences which one you opt for.

Specs: Once you know your needs, you must match them with the specs of the phone. In specs, you have to look at the RAM, processor, camera, battery life, and screen. If you want a powerful and fast phone, you need to choose a large RAM and processor. In camera, you must consider the megapixels of the camera. Higher the MP, better the image results. In battery, you must opt for a battery that lasts for at least a full day. As far as screen goes, nowadays, phones have larger screens. Opt for screens around 5 inches in size as these are comfortable to hold and also offer great clarity. Screen resolution should also be a consideration. HD screens offer amazing viewing experience. In screen resolution, opt for at least 720P. Full HD 1080P and ultra HD 4K resolutions offer unparalleled viewing experience.

Warranty: The warranty of the phone should always be a major consideration. All phone manufacturers offer at least a year of warranty. Under the warranty, all software defects and malfunctions are covered and repaired free of cost.

Price: The price of the phone is always a consideration. The more features a phone has, the pricier it will be. There are certain phones designed for the premium markets and as such, have a higher price tag. On the other hand, you can also find high value for money mobiles. You can browse through the specs and prices of all leading phones online.

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